Canadian Bed Bug Solutions believes in doing one thing and doing it well. Rather than knowing a bit about every pest, we focus exclusively on bed bugs. We know how to eliminate bed bugs quickly and efficiently. We know Thermal Remediation® is the optimum solution because we’ve thoroughly investigated all the alternatives.

Bed bugs can be one of the most damaging pests for your business. You don’t need a solution that is ineffective … or that makes the problem worse.

You need to eliminate bed bugs for good. That’s precisely the business Canadian Bed Bug Solutions is in.

Young company – traditional values. An effective solution to eliminate bed bugs.

Canadian Bed Bug Solutions is not a franchise or part of a big regional or national firm. The company began in Regina, Saskatchewan when the founders saw the problems bed bugs were causing first hand, but didn’t see a safe, effective solution.

The combination of thermal elimination and early detection was out there. Bringing these answers to Saskatchewan was both a necessary service and an excellent business opportunity.

Canadian Bed Bug Solutions was formed to provide a superior solution to bed bug problems for Saskatchewan’s property management, hospitality and transportation sectors.

We stand behind our work. We eliminate bed bugs in every area we treat.

We know that what we do is effective. Canadian Bed Bug Solutions will tell you what we will deliver before we start the work. We will show you that we have delivered it when the work is done. Period.

No company can legitimately promise that bed bugs won’t return. Canadian Bed Bug Solutions can promise to identify infestations earlier and eliminate bed bugs more efficiently, quickly and thoroughly than any other solution available today.

Thermal Remediation® delivers complete one-treatment eradication 95 times out of 100. In the rare cases where a second treatment is required, there is never a quibble or a charge. You can be 100% assured that whatever it takes, Canadian Bed Bug Solutions will completely eliminate bed bugs in every area we treat.

CTS Inspection Certificate Oct 11-13

Meet the owners

Alfie Kiernan and Betia Hovedskov were already experienced business owners when they first came in contact with bed bugs in Saskatchewan. An infestation occurred in one of the Regina units they owned through their property management company.
“We thought it would be a simple fix … just call the exterminator and problem solved,” says Betia. “It proved to be anything but simple.”

Despite repeated treatments and promises of success, the couple was unable to find an effective solution. As costs mounted and disruption continued, Alfie and Betia started to do extensive research on bed bugs and bedbug eradication. “We kept thinking that there has to be a better way to deal with bedbugs. And sure enough, we found it.”

Thermal Remediation® proved to be an efficient, highly effective solution, especially when combined with the remarkable capabilities of a fully trained bed bug sniffing canine

“We know now that bed bugs are a problem that’s growing by leaps and bounds. We don’t want anyone else to go through what did,” says Alfie. “We know what bed bugs can do to your life and we know we can take away anyone’s bed bug headaches. For us, that’s a lot of personal satisfaction.”

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