Multi-Family Dwellings

Protecting your properties from bed bugs is vital. Protecting your business from lawsuits and Rentalsman judgments is vital. Landlords must show due diligence and ‘best efforts’ in protecting their tenants’ exposure to bed bugs. Relying on tenants to report infestations is no longer enough. Independent canine inspections to detect bed bugs before they spread is the only solution.

Our canines are trained to detect even a single bed bug in a dwelling. This type of inspection requires you only to treat the suites where bed bugs have been found. There is no need to treat adjoining suites “just to be sure”. Canine bed bug detection is proven to be 98% accurate and makes any necessary remediation easier and cheaper. The infestation can be detected while it is still limited to a small area and before it spreads to adjoining suites. This saves money and ensures your tenant relations are positive.

Canadian Bed Bug Solutions will treat your bed bug infestation using Thermal Remediation®, the safest and most effective way to eliminate bed bugs. We are the largest supplier of Thermal Remediation® in Saskatchewan. We have the equipment to heat treat up to six suites simultaneously. Our bed bug sniffing canines will then return to the treated area to confirm the treatment’s success. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Our bed bug quarterly inspection plan for multifamily dwellings is a simple and affordable way to protect your property. These regular inspections will indicate to existing and prospective tenants that you are a bed bug pro-active property. Many landlords pass on this cost to tenants.

Canadian Bed Bug Solutions will provide you with written reports after every inspection and an Inspection Certificate. This will document your efforts in ensuring your property is bed bug free. Many landlords post the certificate in the common area of a property.

With quarterly canine inspections, it is easy to identify which suite is responsible for the infestation. We will represent you in a Rentalsman hearing so treatment costs can be passed on to tenant. As per the Residential Tenancies Act:

“It is the landlord’s responsibility to exterminate pests unless the landlord can establish that the tenant caused the problem. That may be difficult to do. Attempts to determine fault should not delay efforts to exterminate the pests.”

Landlords must show due diligence and 'best efforts' in protecting their tenants exposure to bed bugs.
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