Bed Bug Control in the Hospitality Industry

Bed bugs are showing up in the news much more frequently these days to massive increase in their population. This is not good news for the Hospitality industries. Most instances of bed bug infestations present themselves due to a guest complaining of being bitten. Once a guest has been bitten whose liability is it? This is a question that is spawning many lawsuits throughout the country.

Join the growing number of Hotels and Resorts that are currently using Certified Bed bug Detection Canines that search each room for the reclusive insects with amazing results. We offer the Canine Detection Services along with a training program for your staff that educates them about the insects and how to prevent guests from being attacked.

Canadian Bed Bug Solutions is the discrete, fast and effective solution to a bed bug infestation. Once an infestation has been reported, we will come in with our bed bug sniffing Canine to verify the presence of bed bugs and as well to inspect adjoining suites. If an infestation is identified, we will use Thermal Remediation® to treat the suite. Thermal Remediation® requires only one treatment and means the suite will only need to be vacant for 12 hours, not the 10 days required if using pesticides. Upon completion of the treatment, our canines will re-inspect the suite to ensure it is bed bug free. Our equipment is all unmarked and can also work over night to ensure discretion.

Protecting your business reputation from bed bugs is critical. Hotels must show their due diligence in protecting their patrons from being exposed to bed bugs. Waiting for a guest to discover an infestation is extremely damaging to your business. Our bed bug inspection plan is a simple and affordable way to protect your reputation and guests. Done discretely, we will inspect your premises and alert you to the presence of bed bugs before they become an issue.

‘A tale from the trenches’

from Partner and Canine Handler Alfie Kiernan

September 2011

I was in Orlando Florida training with Micah services and their bed bug sniffing canines. Micah services inspect 200 four-star and five-star hotel suites per day.

It was 11am, we had inspected and given the all clear to 65 or 70 suites when canine ‘Trace’ alerted to an area behind the headboard. On closer inspection, with the use of a flashlight and a hairdryer (to entice the bedbugs) 2 bed bugs were located deep inside a crack in headboard. Based on the shape and color of bugs it was determined that the bugs had not fed in previous 2 or 3 days.

Management were informed of the finding and immediately responded.

The guests belongings (guests were at theme park) were moved to an upgraded room by management and room was locked. When guests returned that evening they were presented with a complimentary bottle of wine, dinner at hotel restaurant and an upgraded room.
Next morning Micah services heat treated the affected suite and released it back to housekeeping within 12 hours.

No damaging lawsuit, No angry guests, and no negative trip advisor review. I remember a shiver going up my spine and thinking ‘there is not a hotelier in the world who would not benefit from this service’.

Join the growing number of Hotels and Resorts that are currently using Certified Bed Bug Detection Canines that search each room.
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