Chemical Treatment

Thermal Remediation®

Reaction of bedbugs to treatment Bedbugs are sensitive to chemicals and pesticides and avoid them, scattering and hiding deeper in cracks and crevices until the residues wear off. Because bedbugs are attracted by heat, they come out of hiding looking for the heat source. Thermal Remediation® heats so quickly that bugs have no time to escape. Temperature is precisely regulated to ensure complete eradication.
Resistance of
bedbugs to treatment
Bedbugs are developing resistance to currently-used chemical compounds. Because heat is the way that bedbugs find their food source, they will never build up resistance to Thermal Remediation® treatment.
Coverage of treated space Traditional chemicals and fumigants can’t reach all the
areas where bedbugs may be hiding.
Heat penetrates everywhere, drawing bedbugs out of hiding and reaching into every nook and cranny of the space.
Effect on mold and other insects Chemicals kill only targeted insects. Mold and other bugs are left untouched. Thermal Remediation® kills mold and all other insects just as effectively as it kills bedbugs.
Environmental impact Chemical treatments use toxic compounds, creating issues with residuals, clean-up and disposal. Thermal Remediation® is completely safe and has no negative impact on people, animals or the environment.
Preparation for
Hours of preparation such as washing fabrics, clothes and bedding may be required. Furniture may have to be discarded and replaced. Just remove any heat sensitive items and the space is ready for Thermal Remediation®. Fabrics, clothes and furniture are treated right along with the space.
Number of treatments
Chemicals do not kill bedbug eggs. Recurring infestations can require two or more treatments to be effective. Thermal Remediation® kills bedbugs at all stages of their life cycle. One treatment is 100{0503c08fc16e42a75cb192f81703651faa17b61097d55b035883510313112e0e} effective.
Total treatment time Preparation, chemical application and clean-up typically takes several days for each treatment. A complete Thermal Remediation® treatment typically takes just 8 to 12 hours. The space is ready for use immediately.
Use of space
following treatment
Chemical treatment leaves toxic residue which can be harmful to people and animals. Extensive cleaning may be required before space is usable again. Thermal Remediation® uses no dangerous chemicals or insecticides and leaves no residue. Space is safe and usable immediately following treatment.
IT’S NON-TOXIC. IT’S THOROUGH. IT’S ECO-FRIENDLY. OUR TREATMENT IS 95{0503c08fc16e42a75cb192f81703651faa17b61097d55b035883510313112e0e}-100{0503c08fc16e42a75cb192f81703651faa17b61097d55b035883510313112e0e} EFFECTIVE. IT TAKES HOURS, NOT DAYS. IT DELIVERS RESULTS.
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